Photos/Video: Meet Nigeria’s Newest Maheeda…


Her IG name is dimple_nipple, but her real names are Rachel Oluwabukola Martins. Rachel claims she is 14, but from her looks, the way she acts and writes, that age might not be true, and might just be something she wrote just for fun! Anyway, she is ready to overtake Maheeda and it’s clearly ‘written’ all over her IG! She has really really raunchy photos and videos on her page and hardly puts on clothes. The two photos you see above are very decent photos of her. She has extreme ones, but it’s a monday morning, and we don’t want to splash them here, so some people at work won’t be questioned. Did you just open a p*rn site? Lol, we don’t want anybody queried.

You can see links to two of her videos below… We know Maheeda has no family, she already told us her story, she’s an orphan, she had no one to cater for her bla bla, so we understand there was no one to caution her when she started. But what of Oluwabukola, oh sorry I mean dimple? Well, till the day she tells us her story too, lol. The links…

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