Thursday, September 7, 2017

Serena Williams' Stepmom Claims Serena & Her Father Are Trying To Lock Her Out Of Her Home

Serena Williams step mother is out of love with the Williams family, so much so that she alleges Serena is evicting her from the Florida home she's living in.

Richard Williams, the 75-year-old father to famed tennis players, Serena and Venus Williams, filed for divorce from Lakeisha Juanita Williams, 35, in June after seven years of marriage.

Now Lakeisha says Serena's legal team has ordered her out of the Palm Beach house Serena owns with her father- immediately.

TMZ reports that in court documents, Lakeisha claims Serena's people are 'requesting she and the child vacate the home and threatened to change the locks.'

The child is Serena's half brother, 5-year-old Dylan Williams.  Meanwhile Serena just gave birth to a baby girl September 1.

Lakeisha is also asking the court to force the sale of another property they owned together because she needs the money.

She says in the emergency motion, according to TMZ, that Richard has 'health issues' and could die, and is concerned his money would be tied up for years while the court decides who gets what portion of his estate.

Richard and Lakeisha's divorce was contentious from the start.

Lakeisha in June claimed she removed an 'arsenal of firearms including an AK-47' from their home after he began acting 'erratic and hostile', TMZ reported.

The 38-year-old claims she is scared Richard might harm her and their five-year-old son Dylan and go 'scorched Earth' in what is due to be a bitter divorce battle.

In his petition, the tennis coach accused his wife of being an alcoholic who stole his social security checks and forged his signature to transfer their cars and a house under her name - allegations she disputed in her latest filing.

Richard also claimed she moved out last year and left their now 5-year-old son, Dylan, in his exclusive care.

But Lakeisha says she's the one raising their son, adding that school teachers would back up her claims.

Richard also alleges she left him for 'a new person' who has 'serious criminal, felony charges pending who could impose a danger to the minor child,' the document reads.

Richard divorced Oracene Price, Serena and Venus' mother, in 2002 after a police report with allegations of domestic abuse popped up in Florida, where the entire clan lives.

Oracene suffered three broken ribs but Richard was never charged criminally in connection with alleged crimes.

At first, Oracene watched her daughters play in seats far away from Richard but more recently has been spotted in the same luxury boxes as Richard and Lakeisha.

In 2011, Venus and Serena refused to cooperate with the maker of a documentary about their lives when they realized it portrayed Richard as a controlling presence who had a number of extramarital affairs.


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    1. Didn't you read the part that says Serena co-owned the property.

  2. What is 35 year old lady doing with 75 year old man at first if not for money?

  3. She's praying for the man to die so as to take his property! She definitely wants the property to avoid Serrrena taking over. Selfish individual.