Saturday, September 30, 2017

Seyi Law Celebrates Daughter's Birthday With A BILLBOARD In Lagos [Photos]

We thought the almost 50 pictures were much until Seyi Law unveiled a NEW ONE. Tiwaloluwa, his daughter is one today and Seyi Law decided to also celebrate her using a bill board. More photos...


  1. why is he exposing his daughter. people that assisted them with delivery in the US didn't do this for their own kids as rich as they are

  2. Too much unnecessary attention for the baby. Just hope it won't affect her ego later

  3. He is over exposing this Gal?? Yes having a child is nice and a thing of joy, but he exposes her a lot which opens rooms for criticism.

  4. Proud parent. After many years of waiting....
    God will bless and protect baby Tiwa from the hands of the wicked ones

    1. He's already kindling the interest of the wicked ones with this behaviour. Characteristics of a money miss road.

  5. Pls he's really stretching this. Will he be the first person to wait for a long time to have a child? He's just over exposing his daughter. Wisdom is profitable to direct. She's not the finest baby I've seen by the way.