Saturday, September 9, 2017

Thousands Of Youths Storm Abuja To Pray For Buhari

Thousands of Nigerian youths, Friday, stormed the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) to pray for the national unity, security, and well-being of the Nigeria’s economy, as well as the health of President Muhammad Buhari.

The 3-Day fasting and prayer at the Eagle Square, Abuja, witnessed the influx of clergy men, both from the Muslim and Christian faith across the country with a prayer for leaders: President, Vice President, Legislature, Judiciary, State Governors, Service Chiefs, among others.

They said it was so unfortunate that the older generation agreed that they (youth) are the future leaders, but some elders were currently living today and tomorrow which rightly belongs to their children.

Addressing the gathering, the Chairman, Board of Trustees, National Youth Council of Nigeria, NYCN, Chief Makole Azugbene, who likened Nigeria’s situation to the Biblical story of Israelite, said: “They were not content with lamentations but went down on their knees in one accord in prayers."

“Today, Nigeria our father land is faced with similar situations where our maximum efforts are yielding minimum results. The youth have been abused, used, misused and left despondent."

 “Their hopes for a brighter day have evaporated in the whirlwind of corruption. They have watched helplessly as the gale of the theft of their Commonwealth has become the order of the day."

“Yet, rather than resort to violent, the youth have chosen the path of peace. The government of Nigeria owes the youth a debt of gratitude. The youth is the hope of this country and as such deserve special attention. Our leaders must not live their today and tomorrow that rightly belong to the youth.”