Friday, September 15, 2017

UK Terror Attack Victim Shows Shocking Injuries

A victim of this morning's suspected terror attack on a south London tube train has posted shocking photos of his injuries.

Peter Crowley says he was on the District Line underground train when a "fireball" raged through the carriage.

Photos show his red and burnt scalp and singed hair after a container "exploded" on the packed commuter train.

He told the BBC: "I heard a large bang from the doors on the other side of the tube train and then this fireball above my head has come and singed all my hair. I have got burn marks to the top of my head. Everyone just ran off the train. It was quite scary." More photos...


  1. You should be grateful that you did not die

  2. This is just really sad. And I know a specific religion would be targeted and stigmatized against. They need to take appropriate actions against these terrorist