Friday, September 15, 2017

Video/Photos: Cossy Ojiakor Puts Her Full Butts On Display As She Debates Enlarging Them

Lol, I don't even know how to start. Wow! So Cossy Ojiakor is contemplating going for a butt enlargement surgery and she says she's still a bit confused but might go for it in December or January, then she moved the camera down her ass saying this is the butt. Really don't even know what is going on again in this world, lmao. Seriously, She never showed her butts before, it's only her pushing out the upper part of her boobs. What's going on people?. Ain't you guys tired of nudity upandan in Nigeria now? No respect for God again? IDonTalkMyOwn.


  1. And we never get to hear of her ungrateful Delilah again

  2. Lol, you are waiting for people to appreciate you butt for you. If you have the money, then spend away or lie like one bobrisky

  3. Fool at 40, fool for ever...! At her age, she is not responsible to even a single child talkless a man. Instead of her to seat herself down and talk sense into her self. She is here promoting VERNITY.. I GIVE HER THE NEXT 15YEARS, SHE WILL LOOK FOR TEARS BUT SHE WON'T FIND ONE.. SAME GOES FOR that AFROCANDY OR WHAT DO YOU CALL HER SISTER..?