Between Azman Air Services & Tolu Ogunlesi


Lol, me i am sha of the believe that if you have no business online, please don’t open a twitter account. Don’t open a twitter account and just stay there and don’t talk, no it’s unacceptable, lol. Thank God for the likes of Tolu Ogunlesi who makes twitter interesting and keep us updated, phew…

Apparently Tolu boarded an Azman airline and they allegedly announced a 55 mins delay. On hearing this, dude ordered for rice and goat meat and just as he was settling down to eat, another announcement was made…. they were ready to fly and that’s just only 10 minutes after the first announcement, lol. Tolu took to twitter to  brief us, saying… we learn everyday and that he just only found out one can rush rice, but can’t rush goat meat (but really you can’t, lol)

As if that was not enough, Azman Services then tweeted praising themselves saying they would soon start flying to Dubai and Tolu again congratulated them, but asked them to please check out his last tweet. Sensing drama, Azman handler quickly deleted the tweet and a link to the tweet now says tweet unavailable, lol. Smart handler, who wants to lose his/her job joining a twitter king for a ‘debate’. You just lose, you loseeeeeee, lol. The rest of the tweets…

By the way, Azman Air Services Limited is a Kano, Nigeria, based domestic airline company.

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