CHATS: Woman Shuts Down Creepy Online Scammer In Hilarious Facebook Exchange


Social media can be both a blessing and curse, but in this case something that could have been quite sinister took a hilarious turn.

A woman left a Facebook Scammer red faced after he tried to convince her to persuade her to send him money by way of some very suggestive messages.

The man, called Anil, started the conversation with ‘Hey bby. I saw your post and i like it. U wanna chat to indian man honny’?

Rather than blocking him, the anonymous recipient decided to play along, and a stream of increasingly bizarre messages followed – culminating in Anil asking her to pay $500 for his flight to Britain so he could ‘love and sex’ her. 

The cringe-worthy has gone viral after it was shared on Bored Panda, which means that Anil may have more to worry about than embarrassing himself in front of just his friends.

Starting his barrage of messages by asking her if she wanted to talk to a horny Indian man, the woman, calling herself ‘Fellatia McSuckle’, sent a response that was laden with sarcasm. Much to his annoyance, she deliberately spelled his name with an ‘a’ instead of an ‘i’.

The man asked if she was white, and then told her that he could be her new boyfriend and ‘love and sex her’.

With an inkling of where the conversation was heading, she asked how he would ‘bridge the gap’ between them. It was then that he asked to borrow $500 for a plane ticket to England.

He promised her that he would pay her back for it and asked if she could transfer the money to him.
Anil then went on to ask her to send him explicit photos and then said that they ‘could f***’. In a stroke of sheer genius, she explained to him that she didn’t like rude words and gave him a list of new words to replace them.

She told him to use the name Celine Dion for ‘lady bits’ and Kerplunk for ‘man bits’. Not suprisingly, Anil was a little confused.

To further embarrass him, and hopefully teach him a lesson, she said she wouldn’t give him the money unless he updated his status where he would unknowingly declare that he was ‘Anal from Anus’ and that he ‘needed to be scolded for his filthy behaviour’.

For her finale, she made a Western Union using children’s toys and it was then that the penny dropped for Anil.

He ended the conversation by swearing at her and saying that he was off to make love to ‘his hot woman’. 

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