Incredible Images Capture The Lives Of Amazonian Waiapi Tribe As They Battle Against Extinction


Breathtaking images have captured the daily lives of an Amazonian tribe as they face a battle against extinction.

The Waiapi are one of the most traditional tribes in Brazil’s Amazon, but modern life is getting closer  and the forest dwellers are learning how to navigate between two worlds.

Tribal chieftain Tzako Waiapi perfectly remembers the day almost half a century ago when his hunting party stumbled across a group of white adventurers in the rainforest.

Within months, nearly everyone in his entire tribe had died from disease.

Tribal chieftain Tzako Waiapi walks in the fog at the Manilha village in Waiapi

    A Waiapi boy stands behind adults at the Pinoty village

 Waiapi men dance and play flute during the Anaconda’s party – during which they make flutes to play and dance

 A Waiapi man gives Caxiri, a craft beer made with Manioc, imbibed daily by men, women and children

Waiapi people walk in the forest carrying 50 kilos of manioc to prepare Caixiri, a craft beer made with Manioc

Waiapi men enjoy the Feliz river in the Waiapi indigenous reserve in Amapa state in Brazil

A Waiapi man aims bow and arrow at the Waiapi indigenous reserve

A Waiapi boy stands in the jungles while looking for wood for a fire pit

Waiapi men walk into the jungle at the Waiapi indigenous reserve in Amapa state in Brazil

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