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Monday, October 23, 2017

Is It Right To Abandon Kids You Raised When You Discover They Are Not Yours?

Here's an early debate from these twitter users. One thinks the man is a piece of shit if he dares abandon them, why the other thinks he shouldn't be judged if he abandons them.

Are you with Hoejack or with Shoes & Sneakers?? Their names tho...

Who are you with?


  1. This is a serious debate. It's just better to let such kid(s) go then find a way to totally erase it ever happening

  2. It's difficult to embrace such reality but also difficult to disentangle from such bond to the kids which adds more salt to the injury. It is not for anyone to judge reactions for different people have different emotional thresholds.
    Through wise guidance, kings are made. The foolish wander about for they know not the way to the city. Learn and make a successful career!

  3. This topic speaks volumn. I am in my 40s. I was adopted by my mother's husband when i was 4. Dont know if he knew my mother had a child before marrying her cos mother hid me with her relative in her village,

    Later i was brought out. The man accepted me and regarded me as his daughter. He gave me a new name. Mother by then had 1 child for him.
    Fast forward to about 12 years later Marriage broke down. Mother moved out of his house living all the children behind including me, I just gained admission into Uni. I went to meet the man for the school fee, he bluntly said" Am not your father" That hit me. He did not give me the money. I wept and left that house never to return till i graduated. Was out of contact with him for well over 20years. He never looked for me but i used to see him coming to campus to pick girls. I did baby sitting and sales girl to get money to see myself through school. He went on to remarry. He has over 17 children from 5 women. 3 from my mother. Unfortunately none has seen the four walls of the university. None is his other children is financially ok. Am a lawyer today. The company i did my Nysc retained me. Am still with them well over 20 years now. Doing well for myself. Risen to top position in the organisation.
    He just passed away and there was no money to bury him. He died a pauper. They kept his body in mortuary for 9 good months. As there was no house for lying in state, no money to rent anything, nobody to fund the burial. He wasted his money on women in his hay days, but despised me cos i was not his biological child. This is a man that was so proud of me in secondary sch days. because of my brilliant performance. All this while, his family never looked for me. The family have their own finacial issues too. He even threw out the 3 children mother had for him, One commited suicide out of frustration. One is just no way to be found .Out of symparthy i turned myself in. When i heard about the manhunt for me. See the rejected stone!!! Omo!!! I appeared in a big way. Paid the accumulated mortually fee. They were all shocked to see what i have become. Even looking younger than most of them. Am sure they were busy calculating my age which i dont look at all. I dont relate with the other children cos they were busy gossiping that am not the biological daughter or first born. Who cares??? I thoroughly ignored them-Inconsequential-lay-about! Shaking their dirty bumbum all over the place.

    The family knew that he abandoned me after secondary school,so they couldnt really confront me. All they needed was my financial assistance. I wanted to buy the casket, they refused and said i should bring the money.ofcourse, i refused. They demanded 3M from me for the burial. See jokers!!!! You want to use 3m to bury someone who died without a Pin. I had police orderly with me to prevent harassment. I did what i could do but kept them at arms lenght. I was very strict.
    I left the village immediately after the interment. Not putting even water in ny mouth, till now no link with the so calked family. So thats my story.

    Again, this is to confirm the topic. I can tell you till today none of the man's 17 children is doing well financially & materially. But God saw me through. I bet the family is ashamed on how they treated me.
    Shout out to every responsible man out there knowing that you reap what you sow on this earth.

  4. I am with Hoejack. If the man was the one that nursed them from a baby, he can keep them. They see him as a father and that is not wrong.

  5. So my woman will make me raise bastards ba? Na she and her children go go meet their bastard father

  6. Not right because it will be hard for the kids too

  7. I don't think it is right

  8. Hoejack, Shoes & Sneakers indeed

  9. awwn see the passion with which the shoesandsneakers guy speaks... bloody double standard hypocrites. impregnate another woman and i will give you other people's children to train eleribu!