Friday, October 20, 2017

Photos From Tagbo Umeike's Burial Today

The remains of Tagbo Umeike, who died on his birthday, October 2nd, 2017, in Lagos has been laid to rest. He was laid to rest at his hometown in Anambra State today.

Recall Tagbo died of suffocation after partying with Davido and his other friends. Another photo below....


  1. Sad. So Sad.

    To be young, bubbling, full of life, eager to achieve a lot, and then gboossa....having one's life unexpectedly cut so short is so painful.

    RIP Tagbo. You will definitely be missed by your true and real homies.
    You should forget about those fake ass niggas who didn't even show up at your funeral to pay their last respect.

    Those black faces that you called friends encouraged you to consume so much liquor, and then abandoned you in your hours of need when you needed medical attention.They then rushed you to GH when it was already too late and then dumped your body as if you were never part of their crew. Don't worry about them niggas, Tagbo..

    Tagbo, please find solace in the fact that all those fake friends you left behind are gonna die at some point anyway, as this world is a leveler. No one born of woman is going to be living forever.

    So long Tagbo. You were truly a baller. RIP.