Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Dino Melaye Serving Hot Diss This Early Morning

Lol, Senator Dino Melaye has taken to instagram to diss Nigerians asking 'what is wrong with them'. He further went to say, he wonders why Nigerians like to say rich people should be investigated and asked why they weren't investigated when they were poor. LOL. Issa video, watch it below....

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  1. He is insane. Can his salary in National Assembly get him the kind of house he has in Ayetoro(his village) and in Abuja?

  2. Dino of life. No work in the senate again?
    social media senator

  3. He is insane. Was he rich before getting into the senate? If not for Nigeria that allows nonsense, how does your networth increase by 100 fold after spending 15years in politics. Even businessmen rarely hit it big like that. Let him talk to his followers, they are the ones who will believe his nonsense. We are not fools. What business did he do before politics. Agbaya osi- Newyorker