Sunday, November 19, 2017

I May Find It Had To Respect My Husband If He's Not Smart - Miss Nigeria

The 40th Miss Nigeria, Chioma Obiadi in a chat with Punch has said she may find it hard to respect her husband if he isn't smart. Here's exactly what the beauty queen said;

"My dream is to become a very successful businesswoman and get married to the love of my life.I think love is giving, love is sacrifice and it is a decision. You cannot decide to fall in love, but you can decide to stay in love. My husband must be God-fearing and smart because if he is not smart, I may not be able to respect him. Of course, the man must completely adore me too. I want to have two children, a girl and a boy."


  1. Conditional love. Smartness doesn't work all the time. He may be smart and successful, then dry season sets. Love flies through the windows. Then he'll know who he married.

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  2. It is someone like you that will marry anything at the end of the day. Ask aunty portable, got married to man old enough to be her father.

  3. If he is not smart, don't date him ....