Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Inside South Korea's Bizarre P*nis-Themed Park 'Built To Keep The Spirit Of A Dead Virgin Happy'

This is the bizarre p*nis-themed park that was built to keep the spirit of a virgin happy. Visitors to Haesindang Park, near the coastal village of Sinnam, South Korea, can see almost 300 erect phallic statues all dedicated to the memory of a virgin bride-to-be who was left on a rock by her fisherman fiancΓ© when he went off to work.

When a storm came in she is said to have drowned and ever since her spirit can only be pleased by the sight of male genitalia .

The sculpted sex organs come in all shapes and sizes, from dreamcatchers to a six foot p*nis cannon that rises and falls throughout the day.

Guests can also feast their eyes on ten-foot-tall male member expertly carved out of wood or plonk themselves down on a concrete p*nis stool.

One of the main draws is a toothy yawning statue that has a huge manhood protruding from his mouth in place of a tongue.

There are also an array of preserved real mammal's genatalia, from whales, bears, cats, seals and even mice.

A gift shop sell everything from penis-shapped penne pasta to knitted willy-warmers.

It is not known exactly when the penises started to appear on the edge of the Korean fishing village, 40 minutes south of Samcheok.

But, locals have said the virgin, angry at drowning after being left on a rock, caused the fish to disappear from the surrounding waters until her ghost was appeased by a selection of sculpted wooden phalluses.

The park is now thought to be home to the largest collection of penises in the world and was opened to the public in 2007.

It reportedly now welcomes some 12,000 visitors every year, 60% of them women, and is known for its breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.