Monday, November 20, 2017

Paul Okoye Blames Peter Again Over Breakup

Paul Okoye has once again blamed Peter, his twin brother for the breakup of the group. Paul said this at last night’s Phynofest music carnival at ‘The Cathedral’, Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium Enugu.
When Paul was introduced by the host Phyno, the crowd shouted and kept asking him of Peter. He stylishly ignored them and kept on singing, but when the chant of where's Peter wouldn't stop, he was forced to stop singing then spoke in Igbo saying, Peter broke the group.

“We were singing together when my brother said he wants to go and discover his talent. I had no choice. But guess what, I have my brand new song titled Fire Fire,” Paul told the crowd.
 He then continued singing their old songs and also performed Nkenji Keke which he just dropped last week.


  1. Don't mind the most MUMU twin brothers (Paul & Peter Okoye). They re better as Psquare nt as individuals. Dey should get out....
    Dey re attention seekers, nonsense

  2. Okay. Twins who are acting like strangers. You share the same DNA so you should be for one another no matter what and support yourself earnestly

  3. I have always known that Peter is such an arrogant fellow

  4. Team rudyboy all the way

  5. Not a fan of separation.Bring back Psquare