Friday, November 17, 2017

Tearful Photos! Italy Holds Funerals For 26 Nigerian Women Drowned At Sea

Twenty-six coffins were laid out in Salerno's Monumental Cemetery this morning, watched by a military guard, local politicians, rescue workers and journalists.

A Catholic archbishop and a Muslim imam both said prayers.

Each coffin bore a white rose on top, though only two were marked with names: Marian Shaka and Osato Osaro.

The bodies will be buried in different cemeteries around Salerno.

The city's mayor declared Friday a day of mourning. Local schools have been asked to hold a minute of silence, while light displays in the city centre will be switched off on Friday evening in remembrance.

The girls' bodies were recovered at sea and brought to Italy on November 3rd.

Post-mortem examinations revealed that 25 of the victims had drowned, while one had a wound to her side.

All of the girls are believed to have been Nigerian nationals between 14 and 30 years old. Five have been identified so far.

Two of them were pregnant, including Osaro with twins. Her coffin bore a pink and a blue rose in their memory. So sad. Is Nigeria even saying a word about this. REALLY REALLY SAD. To think they were all below 30 and were in search of a better life, even makes the tears flow more.


  1. So sad 😔 😔 😔 😔 my fellow Nigerians died in this manner and the government of Nigeria hasn't said anything about it. Our lives don't matter to them as long as they have enough to steal.

    Rest in peace ✌


    1. Actually, the Buhari led government have demanded for an international investigation, and some of the Arabs (the Libyans) that caused the death of these people have been identified and arrested by the Italian government.

      Though, our government ought to have been more vocal, and more active in the whole process but that has not been the case as expected, as Nigerian's lives matter less to our politicians. It s just too sad.

      Also, the Saraki led senate and members of our National Assembly seems to care less about this case.
      They just don't care, as there is no money to share here.

      Some of the problems also lies with our embassy or consul officials in Italy.

      Some of our embassy officials abroad care less about Nigerians too.
      All they are all interested in is nothing but avenues to siphon and collect money from those they ought to be helping.
      Collecting egunte in pounds and dollars is their specialty. That is what they do best.

      We are all seeing and witnessing how the dead should be treated with dignity and honor unlike what would have been the case if the deaths occurred on our shores in Nija.

      I just hope and pray that our government will follow this case to conclusion so that all these Arabs maltreating our people in Northern Africa will desist. Though I know that this is wishful thinking because right there in Nija, Arabs, Chinese, and freaking Indians maltreats our people all the time even on Nigerian soil while our government is busy looking the other way.

      Even the ungrateful South African people and members of their security forces who ought to be protecting foreigners kills our people almost everyday in SA, while one sitting Igbo governor down there in the muddy, landlocked, and erosion damaged igboland just built a stature for a South African president. Nothing but misplaced priority.

      May the souls of these young girls and the souls of the 3 unborn babies Rest In Peace.


  2. This tragedy doesn't even touch our president instead he is looking for people to vote for apc. SHAME!