Sunday, December 3, 2017

Acting Isn't Profitable, Uti Blows The Trumpet

Uti Nwachukwu has blown the trumpet! The model, tv host and actor says he won't even pretend acting is paying and pretend along, but he will rather be true to himself. Uti says acting doesn't pay as such and instead he prefers to stay true to his tv job and anchoring events which fetch him more. Speaking to Sunday Scoop Uti said;

“I haven’t been in the country, but I am back now. I took a break from acting because it doesn’t pay much and I am not ready for that kind of life. I don’t want to pretend about it; so, I am only focusing on what brings greater remuneration, which is television presenting and hosting of events.

“Acting would just be a hobby because honestly, producers can’t afford to pay what I want to earn. But I will not stay away from movies totally; I will pick only exceptional movies instead of featuring in all the ones I am invited to partake in. I don’t have so much time for little money. I am not here to pretend all is well. I am in the industry to make money; I am not in the industry to play.”


  1. The reason he slept with sugar mummies

  2. You are right Uti,you are always real.

  3. But they say it is profitable now

  4. Everyone knows acting doesn't really pay much here in Nollywood that's why some go out there to source for their own means of earning good cash.