Monday, December 4, 2017

Comedian 'I Go Dye' Calls Out Atiku Abubakar Over Presidential Ambition

The Comedian took to social media to call the former Vice President out asking him what he did when he was in power and why the youth should vote him in 2019. Read.....

Don't use sentimental empathy on the youths to express your political ambitions.

Sir, you are one of those that have immensely benefited from Nigeria since your birth in 1946.

Having worked for 20years with the Nigeria Customs where you retired at the age of 43 in 1989 as Deputy Director, your bucket list sure looks good because you were obviously employed at youth 23.

In 1999 you became governor of Adamawa and ultimately the Vice President, all of these you achieved at 53. What did you do during your time in that exalted position? When will the youths like in your time get a chance? am motivated to speak, based on your statement : A party that does not take the youths into account is a dying party. The future belong to young.Please which of the future?

Remarkably, between 1999 and 2007 that you were the Vice president of Nigeria, it is recorded that tertiary institutions witnessed several strikes that wasted seventeen months ,three weeks and three days. Within this period, what did you do?

If social support were given to youths then,their children will be between 18 and 20 years during the 2019 elections,obviously they would have willingly voted for you or anyone that you endorse in 2019.This is the essence of making sacrifices for the future generation.

You cannot be credited to have been a philanthropic to the youths.

The recent revocation of the NPA contract with Intel,your company,is the major issue.

As a company either, the people in the region you operated cannot accredit Intel to have provided credible support for the youths or built skills acquisition centers to curb unproductivity as part of it's cooperate social responsibility , which has resulted to many youths embarking on the sub- sahara deserts route treking to Europe,which has claimed many lives.

Your excellency,sir Atiku Abubakar, please don't use sentimental empathy on the youths to express your political ambitions,because by 2019 the youths are preparing to substantiate the real economical,political and progressive change.

I kindly recommend that you should advocate for process that will afford us the opportunity of a youthful leadership in the 2019 election. Thanks Amb Francis


  1. Don't mind this idiot, interest of the youth in mind for where?

  2. Do you guys remember how much he(atiku) used to build just one national stadium? Do you remember what brought quarrel between atiku and obj? Pls the youth of nigeria pls wake up, open your eyes!

  3. Well articulated by Francis Agoda aka I go dye

  4. Dear Nigerian youths, Pls don't be fooled with ATIKU's antics....this man has nothing to offer the youths...Reflecting on what he said in one of his interview, he joined the Nigeria Customs at a tender age and posted to Idi-rook border...As a custom officer he approached SCOA and acquired 4 vehicles on HP for public transportation...just wondering if as a government official it was right for him to run a private business or was the authority aware of his private business...if the answers are no, then the activity was a complete violation of civil service rules.....therefore somebody like ATIKU does not qualify nor could he be trusted to pilot the affairs of this country

  5. Sir Abubakar Atiku, friend of the youths!!!!
    Just like Guv Ayo Fayose who calls himself "ore mekunnu" (friend of the masses). Believe me, these two great guys are truly great friends of the youths and masses indeed!
    Many thanks to God who has blessed Nigeria with brilliant youths and masses who have a knowledge of history and know the reasons why disgruntled politicians start singing discordant tunes like a broken record.
    All hail Sir A-TI-KU (we don die) friend of the youths.