Couple Discover They Were Childhood Sweethearts After Spotting Each Other In 20-Year Old Snaps


When Heidi and Ed Savitt met at university, little did they know they’d met before. In fact, it was only dating for some time that they discovered that they’d been childhood sweethearts two decades before.

They first met at Newcastle Uni in 2001, when Ed was studying Psychology and Business and Heidi was reading for a degree in Economics and Management.

Ed messaged Heidi asking how to use the tumble drier at this student accommodation as she’d been the previous tenant. And that romantic exchange led to two years of dating.

It was during this time, when they were out for dinner with Heidi’s mum Kay, that she mentioned Heidi having a holiday romance with a kid called Ed when she was six-years-old.

And two weeks later, Kay was rummaging around in the family archives when she managed to find a photo of her daughter with the boy from their family holiday to Turkey in July 1997.

Kay instantly recognised that Heidi’s childhood sweetheart was her current boyfriend and owner of DropShop Coffee, Ed.

Fast forward two decades and in August, the pair got married at Haddon Hall, a 12th-century manor house in Derbyshire.

‘I didn’t believe in fate before finding that out but there’s no arguing with it – we’re clearly destined to be together!’ Heidi tells the Daily Mail.

‘It absolutely blows my mind that we could have never found out that we first knew each other all those years ago.’

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