Giant Four-Story P3nis Mural Painted On Side Of Building Removed, As Residents, Locals Kick


Easy come, easy go for a giant mural of a pink penis that popped up on a Manhattan building on Christmas Eve. The four-story high penis was painted onto the building on Broome Street in the Lower East Side by Swedish street artist Carolina Falkholt.

The phallice was on display for two full days before outrage from angry residents, who proved size doesn’t matter, won the war and saw the piece painted over.

It was commissioned by street art foundation The New Allen and was scheduled to be up until mid-January.

But after just two days, workers were called in to paint over the colorful artwork. The landlord of the building ordered for it to be covered up on Wednesday after fierce opposition from tenants and locals.

Building owners claim they never gave permission for the phallic artwork in the first place.

Falkholt posted a photo of the painting on Instagram on Sunday, which prompted a divided response from many.

‘NO TIME 4 BALL$$,’ Falkholt captioned the photo.

‘I have never heard so much laughter and seen so many happy faces behind my back when painting as for today doing this wall on Broome Street,’ she added.

Many were quick to lash out labeling the painting offensive, while others applauded the Swedish artist.

‘Y’all Wnna come mess up are neighborhood with what you think it’s cool but it’s really not. Can’t wait till it’s removed and it will happen. We don’t play that in the Lower East Side,’ one person wrote.

‘This is the most disgusting gross display of street art. It’s one thing to have this in your home but to have this in public where families live and walk by is a major lack of respect,’ another said.

Falkholt, who also has an abstract mural of a vagina painted on nearby Pike Street, defended her work, saying it was about not being ashamed of your body. 

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