Monday, December 25, 2017

Fuel Scarcity: Governor Fayose Opens Govt. House Storage To Residents

Governor Ayo Fayose has opened the Government House fuel storage to cushion the effects of lingering fuel scarcity for residents in Ekiti State.

The governor said the fuel would be sold at the official pump price of N145 to residents, most of whom are likely to be from Ado, the state capital. He also capped the maximum volume that can be sold to a resident.

“I have asked them to pump out 80 per cent of the petrol in the Govt House Fuel Dump to be sold at control price of N145.,” Mr. Fayose said “The maximum a single individual can buy will be 25 litres.”

The storage capacity of the fuel dump is 60,000 litres, Mr. Fayose said. The governor said it would be inappropriate for him to keep his fuel reserve in place while citizens continue to feel the biting impact of the nationwide shortage.