Friday, December 29, 2017

Lady Needs Advise After Catching Her Mom Sleeping With Her Dad’s Close Friend

What will you advise her to do?


  1. She had better keep quiet and mind her business

  2. End time mum. She should keep quiet because she will not gain anything if they separate

  3. Talk to her mum, and forget ALL about it

  4. What if her dad got separated from her mum? Her dad is not a saint either. There's a reason for it

  5. Depends. If her mom is the type who wants to save her marriage, tell her. If her mom is the type who will scatter town and end things don't tell her but tell siblings or closest relative cos the other woman might take steps to get rid of her. Then let your father know it has to stop. Every dealing with her has to stop. Anyone who will sleep with their best friend's husband has no regard for them and can kill such a friend or her children. She is dangerous...- Newyorker (one click on an ad a day will make Ladun a billionaire in 2018)

  6. Tell her dad before the 2 lovers kill him.
    They will eventually kill him to continue their "nackingitis".

    1. They won't kill him. They have been doing it for 10 years without murdering him. May be it is why they are still together in marriage today. She is geting the much needed peace to live from him