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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Lady Walks Out On Fiance After He Told Her To Turn Down A Job That Might Make Him Feel Less Of A Man

A twitter user, @mzbat has shared a shocking story of how a couple had a quiet heated argument at the airport and how she overheard them. It was about the lady picking up a new job that will see her get more paid than her fiancĂ©, and dude was like don’t get the job, after all once we get married now, you will be home taking care of the kids. It sounds like a movie, but whatever it is read and let us reason together… hehehe


  1. He must be thinking he is a superstar

  2. Bravo to her jare, any man that can't be okay with his wife earning more than him, isn't a man worth loving. This mentality needs to stop though.

    1. You're right!
      I'm so happy she made the decision to walked away.

    2. The man has serious low esteem and is from the stone age. I currently earn more than my hubby and it hasn't caused any issue. It didn't start that way when we married but somehow that's the way it is now. So if he was my hubby he would have asked me to resign or decline my last promotion? their type be the frenemies we need to pray against in our lives