Monday, December 4, 2017

Photos: Female Kidnapper Nabbed In Oyo State

A female kidnapper has been nabbed in Oyo State. According to a social media user who shared the news, she was caught at Oriya Yidi Agunpopo, Oyo state while trying to kidnap a little girl. Angry residents then stripped and beat her up. Two more photos below....


  1. Must they strip her naked? Horny people

  2. Must they strip her naked? Horny people

  3. I don't even know what to say. I am always afraid of jungle justice because anyone can say anything under duress. I am glad she was not killed though. Our police is the cause of this though. If they were efficient, people won't feel the need to mete out justice incase police fails to do their job.- Newyorker (clicking adz till Ladun become a Billionaire)

  4. Good she was apprehended

  5. This lady get luck if na our hood we catch am we go fuck am well till she faint we catch one female kidnapper all of us fuck am she faint dats our own jungle justice then we carry cutlass cut her two hands

    1. Clap for yourself monster. What's the difference between her and you ?

  6. As long as her action is so bad, not in support of jungle justice