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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Do You Know Him? Man Who Arrives Nigeria From London For Christmas Runs Mad [Photos]

If Facebook user, Anselm Ojietu is to be believed, the man you see above arrived Nigeria on the 5th of December, for christmas and ran mad shortly after.  Anselm broke the news on Facebook saying he has been roaming the streets of Lagos and he now wants people to see his photos incase they can help locate his family. Abeg look well, does he look like someone you know. Please look very well, help a brother.


  1. His village people at work

  2. No wonder most of the people in Diapora does not return home

  3. Lagos state government need to deport this guy straight to Anambra state.

    We have enough mad people in Lagos, some even jumping into the Lagoon to commit suicide, and there is no need for more.

    Anambra people should stand up and take care of one of their own.


    1. Olu are you okay

    2. Being okay is a relative term.

      This guy can't simply be left alone in his present condition roaming around Las gidi, as he is a threat not only to himself but to other people in the immediate surroundings.

      All this guy most possibly needs are some bouts of electric shocks called ECT to his brain so as to be brought back to his normal senses.

      Why should Lagos state be responsible for the bill to provide those electric shocks therapy while Anambra government people are using their own allocations to build useless statues for useless leaders. Please don't correct me by claiming that it is in IMO state that statues are being built. To me, there is no difference between Imo state, Anambra state, and the 3 remaining landlocked Igbo states.

      This guy needs help and his own people are better or best suited to render that help to him. They should not allow him to be roaming around like this, and neither should they expect Las gidi government/tax payers to foot the bill for his treatment.

      I doubt if ARO psychiatric hospital can even admit this guy.

      Is ARO Psychiatric hospital still functional and in truly in existence operating as a Psychiatric center?

      If Yes, this guy should be taken to ARO. ARO is a federal institution. Hopefully ARO won't reject him.

      Otherwise, i beg this guy should be packaged and sent back to Anambra state. Let them take care of one of their own.

      Lagos has enough mad people. No room for more. Eko Oni Baje (ami o)


  4. Too bad. What could have been the cause?

  5. Who knows if he is the cause of this. Not going to judge what i don't know