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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Short Man Devil, FFK Attacks Osinbajo Again

And it’s about the controversial $1bn meant for fighting boko haram and few other things. The ex minister loves to call VP Osinbajo unprintable names, so it isn’t a shock he called him a short man devil.


  1. This man idiocy is just getting out of hands

  2. This man has passed his boundary with this

  3. what a crude way to take to a fellow adult. And he says he is educated, please act like it and don't debase yourself just to pass across a message.

  4. What goes around comes around, expect the same from someone younger than you too

  5. Heheheh..smh
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  6. It is not shocking at all.
    FFK is only manifesting the ill in his ancestral lineage.
    Very soon, his children will pick it up from where he stops