Monday, December 4, 2017

Sudanese Student Called Burnt & Ugly Speaks Out [Photos]

A Sudanese student who has been called burnt and ugly has spoken out saying she wonders why she gets so much hate despite not forcing her photos on people.

Nyamal who wrote her grief on IG told her haters to please move on and let her be. She wrote;

''The amount of times I ‘ve been called ‘burnt’ or ‘ugly’ is ridiculous. If you don’t like me or don’t have anything nice to say just scroll pass. I don’t force my photos on anyone. Stay blessed.''

But wait, why will anyone call her ugly knowing they can't create her or anyone for that matter. This generation has almost forgotten God exists. They take Him for granted, 'refurbish' themselves as if its all that matters all in the name of I want to be a fine girl. LMAO... Is that all you have to offer the world? 'I want to be a fine girl'? The cane waiting for you, that cane laced with pepper....  it is well.

Thank God beautiful Nyamal sees herself above their petiness, hence she might have been suicidal.


  1. I trust you to defend her you two have the smae skin colour

    1. God punish dat ur mouth omo ale if u got balls put ur name idiot u b God u fit create any body

  2. It's a wicked statement to say someone is ugly

  3. As far as I am concerned, black don't crack

  4. Some people are so mean