Saturday, December 2, 2017

When It Comes To Having S-x, I'M IN CHARGE, Joselyn Dumas Reveals On Tv

Joselyn Dumas, a Ghanaian actress and Tv host, has revealed she loves to take charge when it comes to sexual matters. Joselyn revealed this on her show - 'Keeping It Real with Joselyn Dumas', while she had two of her friends as guests and they both admitted they like being in charge too.

In Joselyn's actual word, she said; “I’m always in charge when it comes to having sex”.
Joselyn is one of the sexiest Ghanaians in entertainment.


  1. Congratulations make una stay in charge

  2. Some women love it more than men nowadays

  3. No go marry dey there dey. Talk say for sex u dey in charge shame decency and decorum have left u females

  4. Because you slept with sugar daddies with pot belly