Thursday, December 7, 2017

Yoruba Actress, Kemi Afolabi Shares MAJOR Throwback Photo...

Kemi Afolabi is not having it with you guys.... bleaching or not bleaching, toned skin or not, Kemi shared this major throwback photo above and says the pic was taken TWENTY YEARS AGO... You know some people will still talk. Some of her followers think something changed about her, but Kemi don post photos and accompanied them with these words...

20years ago with @claire_nimi #tbt

Thank you God for your maximum protection over my family and loved ones🙏 it’s such a heart wrenching situation to loose loved ones to death which is inevitable anyways☹️ My father, my God...pls protect us all in the remaining days of the year 2017 and beyond🙏
May we enter the new year with our mouth full of your praises🙏 we shall not mourn over our fathers, mothers, uncles, aunties, husbands, wives, children, grandchildren, friends and loved ones🙏
Untimely death shall not be our portion...AMEN!!!!


  1. She only toned, people will always talk

  2. Yourba actress wey no bleach that one na actress?Meanwhile one thing i noticed in african magic yoruba(Im non yoruba but a big fan)They speak too mch english .wat is it?Isbit yoruba movie or yoruenglish movie ..Annoying partbis it doesnt dit dem xos of the H factor .Please guys stickbto the yourba allow me enjoy my yoruba movie peacefully biko.Regards to all dem yotuba bleaching actresses .E kpe fun wa oh pelu bleaching yin .


  3. Amen to her prayer.... throwback to bad... lol

  4. Yoruba actresses and bleaching

  5. This was her look back at off shorey tutors