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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

You Have To Be A Ruthless Bastard To Get Certain Things, Paddy Adenuga Talks Making Money

Billionaire's son, or even now a billionaire himself ( very possible), Paddy Adenuga has taken to twitter to talk MONEY! In his explanations to his followers Paddy explains some things one might do in life to get a certain goal and it’s something one should never regret. What he said below…


  1. Not everyone is greedy son. This advise should come from someone who hustled not someone who inherited. Besides if the whole world turns ruthless like you are calling for, we will beat you and your papa and take all your wealth. -Newyorker

  2. Oh please. You have no right to speak on making money. Did you work for one?


  3. Thank your luck and Baba God that you got lucky from Birth.

    Who knows?

    Probably you could 've been teaching in one private school – or even riding Napep. Nonsense...

    Shout out to all the hustling guys out there jare.

    Blessings on your hustles.