Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Benue Govt Closes 2,219 Substandard Schools

The Benue State Government says it has closed down 2,2i9 secondary schools over poor standards.

The State Commissioner for Education, Science and Technology, Dannis Ityavyar, a professor, disclosed this on Tuesday in Makurdi, the state capital while fielding questions from members of the House of Assembly, who sought explanations over the dwindling standards of education.

Mr. Ityavyar also disclosed that 19 tertiary institutions were closed down for the same reason.

He said that the state government was working toward improving the quality of education, declaring that mushroom schools would not be allowed to operate.


  1. Nigeria is a jungle. When the government fails to provide the needed facilities, the smart alecs will cash in. If you get across to the parents, they will be against the government. Why do you close down schools when you provided none for the hapless masses? Until the children of the political rulers are forced to school in Nigeria,education will remain in limbo.

  2. Say no to poor education system