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Thursday, January 4, 2018

Craig Sager Left His Children Out Of His Will, Gave All To Younger Wife

NBA broadcaster Craig Sager left his children out of his will - a move that has revived a years-long family feud.

A little over a year after Sager died from cancer at the age of 65, his son, Craig Sager II, took to Twitter to say he has been summoned to court 'over a will' that he and his sisters are excluded from and 'not fighting' it.

'Nothing like getting served, pestered by Sherrifs & taken to court over a Will that myself and my sisters are not only 100% excluded from but do not even have any interest in contesting in the first place. Thanks Dad,' he wrote.

Shortly after his tweet was published, Craig' II's ex-girlfriend, Brenna Simon, and his sister, Kacy Sager, logged on to open up about the years-long tension between Sager Sr's eldest children and his second wife, Stacy, 45.

Simon said that while it was not her 'place to comment', she felt the need to do so.

'Once (still married) Craig met this POS, she's all that mattered. Krista is getting married and was left nothing,' Simon tweeted, referring to Craig II and Kacy's sister.

She added: 'Also she was roughly my age when she shacked up with married Sr. I'm Jr's ex so it's not my place to comment but I hate that woman so much my head is about to explode.'

Kacy jumped in to say that 'nothing she said was inaccurate' after social media users questioned Simon's decision to speak out.

Simon later called Stacy a 'soulless home wrecker' who 'deserves to be known for her true colors'.

Sager Sr and his first wife, Lisa Gabel, 56, were married from 1980 to 2002 and had three children together: Craig II, Kacy and Krista.

The NBA broadcaster then went on to wed Stacy in 2002, having two more children - Ryan and Riley.

Craig II and Kacy went on to further explain why they were being taken to court by Stacy over the will.

Kacy said that Stacy was taking them to court to 'legally ban' them from ever challenging their exclusion from the will.

'Because that's who she is.' she said. 'It wasn't enough to be left everything; she had to take us to court to legally ban us from ever challenging it. Even though we never would have.'

She then said that she and her siblings never planned to contest the will.

'The point is that we never wanted to contest it, she said. 'And then we were served because apparently she's making us go to court to agree to never contest it, or some s***.


  1. Na punani sweet am

  2. It's the reason some people will not make heaven

  3. What kind of children have they been to their father?

  4. I guess their father loved this woman very much and wanted her to be alright.

  5. It has little to do with love. It’s lust. Such women are manipulative. They manipulate their vulinerable older husbands, turn the husband against his own children, by causing everyone to headbot. She alienates him from his closests friends and family so he is deprived of good counsel and when her work is fully done, the husband see’s her solely as d centre of his universe.
    The kids are made to look uncaring and bad, and over time d self fulfilling profesy becomes real cause by this time the kids have allowed her antics to build up so much resentment against their father.
    By the end of his life, the manipulative young wife would get him to change his will, exclude his kids and leave everything to the new wife. Unknown to all of them this was her plan from the beginning, they were simply porns playing their parts.