Thursday, January 11, 2018

Davido Hints He’s Ready To Have Another Child From A 3rd Woman

Davido has hinted he is ready to have another child from his girlfriend, chioma which will make him a father of 3 from their women. He made this announcement after Special welcomed a son, saying ‘Special beat me to a boy, Chioma oya o ACTIVATE!

 Recall his hypeman yesterday welcomed a baby boy and excited Davido made the announcement saying, the boy automatically becomes his godson. Goodluck to Chioma on this!


  1. Chioma will only agree if she has no parents. Who will allow her daughter be a third babymama. It is not that you want to wife her. Mschew

  2. People shouldn't hype him for this, this is the same mentality that made some people believe that a female child isn't a child, and the quest for a male child will change alot. He needs to be more educated on how the gender of a child is determined.