Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Days After Her Release From Prison, Kemi Olunloyo Begs Nigerians For Financial Assistance

Seven days after her release from Port Harcourt Maximum Prison, Kemi Olunloyo is begging Nigerians for financial assistance to cater for her medical expenses.

Kemi made the call to Nigerians through her Instagram social media handle, @hnnafrica.

Pleading to Nigerians to come to her rescue, she stated how many injuries she sustained while in prison. She also disclosed she was punched while in prison which made her eyes swollen and currently has foot infections resulting from wet floors.

“I have a whole host of medical issues. I am begging you to help me! Typhoid fever, malaria, eye injury, foot infection due to barefoot laws in cell and wet bathrooms and dirty toilets, anxiety and depression.” She said.

She also disclosed she has dental injury, ear infections, waist, back and chest pain.

She lamented she had not been able to work on her website since she has been in detention for a long time and also said her passport was seized by an order of the court.

“My health is very poor. I cannot make any appearances, do interviews or work now. I have to get my sanity and health back. Help me raise funds this one week. I have already lost my business and website and not worked since March 2017 plus my passport was also seized so no travel assignments.” she said.

Kemi implored Nigerians to support her and send all donations to her personal account: Olukemi A. Olunloyo First Bank, 3020832750 and router/sort code being FBNINGLA.


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  2. I thought aunty Kemi said she is rich

  3. Na Nigerians send you not to control your mouth

  4. Seyi Law, Iyabo Ojo and Georgina Onuoha will send money to her

  5. Kemi Olunloyo is mentaly unstable

  6. I pity this woman. Real mental case

  7. After abusing people that will help her