Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Here's What Sahara Reporters Publisher Said Today About Stella Oduah & Plane Crashes

So SaharaReporters publisher Omoyele Sowore revealed during an anti-corruption meeting at Co-Creation Hub, today in Lagos that since his website broke the BMW bulletproof car scandal involving Stella Oduah, Nigeria hasn't experienced a plane crash!

You can even tell the way the guy beside him is smiling at him. So much intelligence! Love the way he usually defends himself and even though some people have corrected us saying, we should stop saying we love him, we still can't help but say it again, WE LOVE HIM, WE LOVE SOWORE, LOOOL. We love intelligent folks, we can't hide it, LOL. Another photo below...


  1. It is very true

  2. Still don't get the connect between the BMW investigation and plane crashes though (p.s Ladun loves everyone o, just pretend to be a political activist or sound articulate. (yinmu)- Newyorker

  3. Crazy girl. I am sure he loves you too