Monday, January 15, 2018

Ladies See The Simple Note To Show Your Man!!!

Now munch it, save it, send it to him at work or simply show him when he gets home. Oh honey, it's what i read on Ladun's blog ooo.. Hehehhe just pass the message like that. This is 2018, we should help raise caring men, abi fellow ladies? Winks...


  1. Oya Ladun sit down let me make your hair. Hehehohohaha- Newyorker (abeg people let's click one ad a day, Ladun must be a billionaire in 2018)


  2. Ladun you are crazy o. You call this a simple note lol

  3. Don't teaach them naw

  4. Which kin statement be this?

    God said "ask and you shall be given". Right?

    If you don't ask your man what you want, how do expect the man to offer it to you?

    Are men mind readers?

    Anything you need from your man, be it money, sex, or even attention, you better ask and it/them or else you gonna be sitting on a long thing for a very long time to come.


  5. Yes o.
    If they can't offer,it isn't wrong to ask too.