Happy New Year

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Man Buys Wife A Car For Exclusively Breastfeeding Their Daughter For 6 Months [Photos]

Don't know why I find this funny, lol. A man who promised his wife a car if she successfully breastfeeds their daughter for 6 months has fulfilled his promise. Immediately he bought the car, his wife took to social media to share the good news. She wrote;

“A good one to start the New Year. Hubby @kingpetrol said and I quote, if you will breastfeed our daughter @isabella_oretuga exclusively for 6 months I will get you a car. Promise made and fulfilled. Thanks boo may God continue to bless you for us @annemaybel @yemisi.adekoya.90 @marybelnewlook_boutique”

The Husband also wrote; “Congrats on your first car Wifey. I’ll do even more for you. This is to say thank you for agreeing to feed our daughter(@isabella_oretuga) exclusively with breast milk only for 6months. 😘 Congrats once again.”

Note: According to her husband, it's her first car, meaning she doesn't drive. Please which man will be able to afford a car and not buy for his wife when a baby is now in the picture?? Will he let them be jumping from one bus to another? It's a good thing he bought her the car, but breastfeeding is not the reason. That's how mothers breastfeeding now, will begin to put pressure on their poor husbands at home. Lol.


  1. You are right. The breast feeding is not an issue. Anything for attention

  2. Abi o ladun unnecesary pressures