Thursday, January 11, 2018

More On Oprah's Past As Americans 'Push' Her For President In 2020

Oprah Winfrey might not be a politician, but she's got experience as president and she even won the popular vote! It's not really a surprise, but findings by TMZ reveals Oprah was super active in student government and extracurricular activities at Tennessee's East Nashville High School where she graduated in 1971.

According to her yearbook, O was president of two different clubs during her time in High School -- the Drama Club and the National Forensics League and served as VP of the student council her senior year. She was also on the Honor Society.

And just like nowadays, Oprah had the admiration of her peers, too... being voted "most popular" her senior year. But will this make Trump ponder?


  1. I know it gets yall excited but she ain't winning. There is not path for a black woman to the white house using the current electoral college. However like Hillary, she will win the popular vote. White women will still vote with their fathers and Uncles to protect their race- Newyorker

  2. Ladun has she declared?