Nelly Rape Accuser Wants An Injunction Against Him & His…. You Won’t Believe It– P*nis


Hehehe, but what’s there not to believe. It might be a first, but let the world start from there. Stop raping women! Love the level she has taken it! Hehehe… And home girl isn’t even demanding for cash. Recall she already dropped her charges against him and only just filed this injunction, which is a very cool one, lol. Read…

The woman who accused Nelly of raping her has gone to court and asked a judge to order him not to do to other women what she says he did to her.

Monique Greene filed new legal documents in her lawsuit against the rapper, in which she is asking for an injunction against both Nelly and his p*nis. 

Greene describes in detail Nelly’s MO in what she says is a plot to sexually assault women. She says he seeks out “beautiful women of color” at his concerts, typically “with beautiful faces and curvy figures.” She says a member of his entourage will invite the women and friends backstage. She says Nelly “is particularly attracted to women who were resistant.”

She says at some point Nelly will begin masturbating in front of the women “with the expectation that presenting himself would entitle him to sexual gratification and that the women were drawn to and could not resist his penis.” She says if a woman resists he “sexually accosts and/or assaults her” and this includes ejaculating on the woman’s body.

Greene says she is aware of at least 2 other women who she says suffered the same fate as her with the rapper.  She describes in detail that Nelly allegedly put his hand up the dress of one of the women.  Greene says the other woman told her Nelly forced her to perform oral sex on him and called her a c*** when she broke free.

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