Saturday, January 20, 2018

New Male Sex Robots With Bionic Penises May Just Replace Men In The Pleasure Department

There’s been a lot of talk about sex dolls and women literally made of rubber and plastic, but men aren’t the only ones excited about the prospect of having sex with a robot.

It turns out that sex doll companies like Real Doll are going to be making male sex dolls that have batteries in them and can actually be charged to go for as long as they’re needed for. They’re even going to have verbal cues to respond to, so the experience will feel that much more real for a woman.

However, making a male sex robot comes with a few more hurdles than making a female sex robot. In order to make a male doll that can outperform a sex toy, that male sex doll needs to be able to have some tricks up his sleeves that female robots don’t need and the company producing them says all that would be in place. They are set to hit the market this year.


  1. What's this madness of sex doll bout

  2. Kudos to those that want a sex doll

  3. In other words... these women will be fucked by a machine? Sounds like terminator

  4. Thought they already have inserts, dildos, even mechanical fuckers for women.
    What would the robot do different?

    1. Probably get electrical fault and choke the woman to death even though all she wanted was little choking which is her thing.

  5. Ladun, pls don't go for this shit, i can do better!

  6. At least It won’t be oko pana pana