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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

There Was Total Power Outage Across Nigeria Last Night

There was power outage across Nigeria last night. The power ministry, in a statement in the early hours of today blamed the outage on fire at a gas pipeline system which interrupted gas supply and affected the national transmission grid.

“The sudden loss of generation due to interruption in gas supply from these stations caused the national transmission grid to trip off around 20:20 on 2nd January 2018. The national transmission grid is owned and operated by the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN),” the ministry stated.

The statement signed by the power minister, Babatunde Fashola, said the problem would be temporary, by Wednesday morning.

Electricity has however been restored in many parts of the country.


  1. But good thing it's back today

  2. We usually dont have light so i didnt notice until i saw it on social media

  3. Blame blame govt. At least they didn't blame PDP- NEWYORKER