Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Paul Okoye Is Trying His Hands On A NEW Career

Just before you guys forget the P -Square brand, Paul Okoye has decided to try his hands on a new career- comedy!

The singer joined actor Williams Uchemba for a short skit and we must say it's a bit funny. Uchemba killed it, Paul tried too, lol. You will have the opportunity of seeing the skit below but before that, have you noticed how none of Paul and Peter's singles including videos didn't trend? Did you notice?

We are sure some of you don't even know they both have different singles now and videos. Atleast in the last 8 years, every song the brothers dropped automatically became a hit. Talk about their stars destined to work together, lol. Think it's a lie? tell them to come together again and drop just one track and see them top the charts again... Well, if music no pay again, may be comedy will for Paul and dancing for Peter...

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