Friday, January 26, 2018

Pregnant Khloe Mourns The Loss Of Her Fabulous Body

Keeping your body in shape is a lot easier when you are not sharing it with somebody. Pregnant Khloe Kardashian has posted a throwback pic of her mourning the loss of her fabulous figure.

In the snap she rocked one of her Good American white bodysuits with thigh-high boots, casting a dramatic shadow on the studio wall behind her. Stood in profile, her sumptuous curves were clearly outlined even from distance.

'Body, I miss you,' she lamented. The reality star is set to gain something far more precious anyway -- the arrival of her first born.


  1. Safe delivery

  2. I can so relate with this. I also mourn the loss of my body that a sickness ravaged. She ought to be grateful though at the end of it she gets a baby. I am grateful for life. I should have died a long time ago but God kept me. As an aside always thank God for what you have. I used to hate my self now I see pictures and see how beautiful I was. Wherever you are be grateful. Love yourself. I love me.