Saturday, January 13, 2018

It's My Passion To Send Street Kids To School, Tobi The Photo Bomber Won't Be The First- Terry G

Terry G in a fresh chat with Saturday Beats has revealed Tobi the photo bomber, a little boy who photo bombed a photo which went viral on social media is not the first street child he would send to school. The singer had to reveal this when some people said he did it for attention. Terry G says the only reason why people know about Tobi is because Tobi had been in the news previously and he has been sending street kids to school now for yearsssssssssss. He said;

“This is not the first child that I have offered a scholarship. I have done it for several kids but I would not want to give figures. I do it because it is my passion; something I love to do.

“I believe that it is not only our children or kids from privileged backgrounds that have something to offer to the society. The kids on the street too, if given the chance, can make the country a better place. They face a lot of challenges in their lives and it only makes them stronger; they tend to be the leaders of tomorrow because they always strive hard to break the yoke of poverty. I like to help these street kids because I was like them,” he said.

However, some Nigerian online users felt that the singer was only helping out to be in the news once again. When asked if it was a publicity stunt the singer simply said, “I was not surprised when people commenting online said I was doing it as a publicity stunt, it is normal. Anybody can say what they like. I am just showing love, it is my passion and I am not doing it for the attention.

The only reason why people got to know I was sponsoring little Tobi, the photo bomber, is because his story has been in the news. It is something I have been doing for years. It is just because of social media people got to know about it.