Saturday, January 13, 2018

Uber & Careem To Recruit Female Drivers In Saudi

Ride hailing applications in Saudi Arabia are recruiting female drivers, after the Kingdom announced plans to lift the ban on women driving by June 2018.

Female customers currently represent 80% of Uber's Saudi rider base and 70% of business for its Dubai-based counterpart, Careem, according to statistics shared with CNN by both companies. The apps are a lifeline to women with no independent way to get around the Kingdom.

Currently, all drivers employed by the two firms are male, mostly Saudi nationals driving their privately-owned vehicles.

Following the ground-breaking royal decree that announced plans to lift the ban on women driving last September, however, both companies have been preparing to hire their first female drivers.

After the decree was issued, the company launched a series of 90-minute training sessions, in the Saudi cities of Riyadh, Jeddah and Al Khobar, targeting Saudi women who have already acquired valid driving licenses while abroad.


  1. Will their men be ready to patronize them

  2. Gradually, they are becoming liberal. This is a nice and welcome development!

  3. Some useless men would still not patronize, some might walk away when the notice it's a woman driver

  4. Globalization is catching up in all parts of the world. They can now drive, they are now military pilots, they can now work in Uber and they can now attend soccer matches. Pretty babes, just cool down your total emancipation is already around the corner. Then guys like me can start talking to you without any qualms. Bravo!!! Its a free world and you will surely get there.