Saturday, February 10, 2018

A Woman Is Incomplete Without Marriage- Upcoming Nollywood Actress

Up and coming Actress and Scriptwriter Uche Uba started her acting odyssey in 2010. Uba was asked by Adetutu Adesoji is she believes women are incomplete without marriage and she said this;

I’m an Igbo girl and with the way I was brought up, I agree that a woman is incomplete without marriage. Regardless of how much a woman makes or her level of success, she is incomplete without a husband, but that does not mean a woman has to rush into marriage because of this.


  1. That's why most people like this end up in mariages full of regrets

  2. That is your opinion. A woman can be complete as long as she is satisfied with herself

  3. Yes but in a happy marriage. Y marry when you will be totally incomplete when there is no get along @gracegoldcollections