Aww After Layole Oyatogun’s Fiance Dumped Her, Another Bobo Sends Her Cake Saying YOU ARE A WIFE MATERIAL


Aww, cleans tears of joy, lol. Can someone clap for Nigerian guys, you see they might have their bad sides, but bobos aren’t bad afterall. So Layole weeks ago took to social media to say how she found out she was actually her bobo’s side chic on CHRISTMAS DAY. Can you imagine? Christmas day! FAINTS!!

Now a bobo who cherishes her, has now sent her a cake. He sent her a cake for Val, saying she’s a proper wife material but the bad side is bobo didn’t reveal himself. 

Excited Layole is now asking if she should eat the cake or not.

I think she should still keep it, reminisce on it and later eat it slowly, she should even give friends sef, lol.😛


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