Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Gran, 63, Who Went For A Breast Reduction Is Left With No Nipples After Surgery

A gran says she was “disfigured and depressed” after being operated on by a Turkish surgeon.

Elaine Hume, 63, was left with no nipples and holes in her breasts after a £1,500 breast reduction.

When she returned to the clinic to have her breasts reconstructed, she claims she was persuaded to have face fillers and during that procedure Dr Mehmet Kaya performed an eye lift, which she had not consented to.

She said: “I’ve been left with lumps in my right eye and I have a droop on the side of my mouth.”

She booked the breast reduction after finding out about the doctor while on holiday in Marmaris, Turkey.

She was discharged the day after the op and told to remove the bandages herself later.

Elaine, from Sunderland, said: “Straight away I realised something was wrong. My nipples were gone and were left inverted. I was in shock.”

She went back to have corrective surgery and claims she was convinced to have fat fillers in her face for £500 and offered a £300 eye lift, which she declined.

She said: “I said I couldn’t afford it but I was at their mercy. I just wanted to go along with it to get my breasts reconstructed. I’m left feeling so ashamed.”

Dr Kaya’s spokesman said: “You may have found 10 people who are unhappy with their treatment but we can show 50 who are happy.”

Meanwhile, more women have come forward to claim horrifying experiences at the hands of Turkish surgeon Dr Mehmet Kaya.


  1. After 63 years? What does she need a breast reduction for. Now she has signed her early death sentence

  2. The doctor still has mouth to talk?