Tuesday, February 13, 2018

I Can't Date A Man Who Earns N200k A Month- Tobi

Singer Tobi Grey has says he can't date a man who earns N200k a month, saying his salary won't be enough for them as a family, Speaking with Broadway Tv the singer said;

“If we are going to end up getting married, then that’s not good enough, I’m so sorry, I’m not materialistic but this is just reality, it’s the fact, I mean if we are going to have like 10 kids your 200,000 won’t cut it, so no! Except you have other businesses.”


  1. Life resets us all to reality at some point.

    Did you hear her? So...
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  2. My friend go and work for your money. Are you not a musician mshew

  3. Lol nobody wan suffer