Friday, February 16, 2018

Malivelihood & Fiancee Come Together To Buy A House [Photos]

Nigerian luxury designer and his fiancee, Deola Smart have come together to buy a house in preparation for their forth coming wedding, a reliable source says. According to our source, the couple are quietly planning their wedding, which will happen soon after Deola's 2nd degree in UK. And our source says she will be graduating in a matter of months! While dedicating the house on Wednesday February, 14th, Malivelihood also presented his fiancee a Benz car. More photos from their  lovey-dovey below....


  1. Love, Marriage and Karma {MUST READ}
    I stand to be corrected about the write up but it’s kind of my opinion about marriage.
    To the ladies, if a guy proposes to you to marry him… you say yes and then he takes you home to meet his mom, if she likes you and accepts you, Congrats. If she doesn’t like or accept you, the only thing you can do is to tell your boyfriend/fiancĂ© to find out why and what is the reason for his mother’s decision. You do not have any right whatsoever to tell him to fight for love and quarrel with his mom or go ahead and marry you behind his mom’s back or force his mom to accept you by force.
    You feel you love him and will marry him whether any Jupiter of a mother-in-law likes it or not and ehn whether she likes it or not you will marry him even if means not inviting or involving your mother-in-law to be.
    Why not take 10mins to fast forward into the future of the marriage… your mother-in-law never happy to visit her son, you always making excuses and not taking your children to see their grand mum, then 30 years later your child is about getting married and tells you to your face, that you are not invited to the wedding… How Would You Feel?
    Imagine the feeling you get informing all your friends about your child getting married… the dignity, pride and attention you get while walking into READ MORE